Who we are
A 100 percent subsidiary of NABARD, the newly formed NABFOUNDATION is yet another bold step to address the multiple challenges that rural India faces each day. The young organization draws its strength and experience from the thousands of development projects grounded by its parent body NABARD in multiple domains in association with a vast array of development partners like Central and State governments, civil society organizations, banks, multilaterals, bilaterals, agri universities and a host of other channel partners.
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Our Vision
Catalyst for Sustainable
Our Mission
To implement sustainable projects in the field of agriculture
and rural development in a coordinated manner.
National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) is an apex development finance institution fully owned by the Government of India. The bank has been accredited with all matters concerning policy, planning, and operations in the field of credit for agriculture and other economic activities in rural areas in India.
NABARD was established with a mandate to uplift rural India by facilitating credit flow in agriculture, cottage and village industries, handicrafts, and small-scale industries. It is also required to support the non-farm sector while promoting other economic activities in rural areas.
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8 questions about NABFOUNDATION
we think you may have.

Here’s simplifying them for you
NABFOUNDATION is a not-for-profit, wholly-owned subsidiary and an in-house extension of NABARD, which will take up scalable development projects of interest to NABARD and rural India.
No. NABFOUNDATION has not been designed to take over the role of other NGOs/CSO partners. The development schemes of NABARD will continue to be grounded through its NGO/CSO partners as per the current systems in place.
NABARD is not governed by CSR guidelines and therefore there was no need for a Foundation from the CSR perspective.
NABARD works with over 6,000 NGO partners across the country through its regional offices and head office departments. However, it was observed that there were geographical pockets with a limited presence of NGOs. It was also observed that today we have multiple agencies working towards building convergence models like agri-start-ups, agripreneurs and rural innovators. Hence, NABARD sensed the urgency to set up NABFoundation to address these very issues and thus complement NABARD’s developmental initiatives in a more organic manner at field level.
Key field staff will be hired for each project on contractual basis where NABFoundation will be the sole executing agency. Also, staff of partner agencies will be roped in for key projects that are being grounded in convergence mode.
  • Rural income and livelihood generation
  • Sustainable agriculture and rural development
  • Natural resources management
  • Climate proofing of Indian agriculture
  • Skilling
  • Rural off-farm activities
  • Agri-marketing
  • Rural innovation
  • Gender sensitization
  • Micro finance
  • Water conservation
  • Financial inclusion.
  • Development funds of NABARD
  • Funding tie-ups with CSR units of corporates
  • Grant support from central/state governments; scientific and academic organizations and other philanthropic organizations.
No. However, small ticket skilling programmes, exposure visits, capacity building programmes, etc will be largely avoided unless they are components of a larger project.