In a fairly simple yet extremely effective convergence model, NABFOUNDATION and AGNii (Accelerating Growth of New India's Innovations) came together to push forward India’s best innovations which can benefit the Indian farmer.
Using the vast network of Farmer Producer Organizations set up by NABARD and other organizations these innovations are translated into various Indian languages by volunteers from NABAARD and pushed across the country through WhatsApp groups.
Similarly, we have also worked with RUKART. Founded in 2019 by three IIT Bombay alumni — Gunvant Nehete, Sharayu Kulkarni, and Vikash Jha — the agritech startup aims to make small-sized farming economically, and environmentally sustainable. RuKart designs, develops, and disseminates affordable, recurring, cost-free, robust, and scalable products to reduce the input cost and mitigate the risk in cultivation.