Artisan Exchange Platform (AEP)

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There are an estimated 6.7 million artisans in India.

This makes the handicraft sector the second largest sector of employment, right after agriculture. However, with the advent of the 21st century, and the increasing focus on modernization and mechanization, many traditional Indian handicrafts have lost their identity due to lack of appropriate marketing support and public demand. This has directly impacted the livelihoods of thousands and thousands Indian artisans.

At NABFOUNDATION, we recognize the importance of and problems in this sector. Therefore, in an attempt to holistically address these issues, we have created the Artisan Exchange Platform. This platform is a digital space that aims to provide visibility to craftsmen and artisans from all across the country. With this, anyone from any part of the world can contact the listed artisans and source Indian handicrafts from them directly.

4 pillars of support to Indian artisans through the AEP:
  • Public visibility to local artisans for market linkages
  • No middlemen- all profits from the sale of the craft go directly to the artisans
  • Protecting and nurturing Indian heritage
  • Ensuring the continuity of handicrafts by turning them into profitable business sources


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Handicraft Categories

Right from prehistoric age of Bhimbetka paintings, to the new era of Madhubani paintings, India is one of the many countries that shares its rich historical background through folk art and paintings. Here, you can find artisans engaged 4 different painting styles, namely- Miniature Painting from Rajasthan, Rogan Painting from Gujarat, Pichwai Painting from Rajasthan, and Mata-in-pachedi from Gujarat.

ARTIST NAME : Paras Ram Saini
CRAFT NAME : Miniature Painting, Rajasthan
CONTACT : 9887291401
ARTIST NAME : Rajaram Sharma
CRAFT NAME : Pichwai Painting, Rajasthan
CONTACT : 9887291401
ARTIST NAME : Khatri Jumabhai Daudbhai
CRAFT NAME : Rogan Painting, Gujarat
CONTACT : 9601324275
ARTIST NAME : Vasant Manubhai Chitra
CRAFT NAME : Mata-in-pachedi/Ritual painting of Gujrat
CONTACT : 9913858854
Coconuts have been an integral part of Indian culture, and over a period of time, have found their usage in multiple aspects of daily life. Various Indian artisans are engaged in the craft of making intricate carvings on the shell of coconuts to create a variety of products- both utility and décor.

Similarly, cane and bamboo are two major elements that play an integral role in the Indian handicraft history. They act as excellent alternatives to wood and also help in conserving forests. Products made from cane and bamboo include furniture, toys, mats, lamp shades, baskets, utensils, etc

ARTIST NAME : Rathindra Nath Malik
CRAFT NAME : Coconut Shell Carving, West Bengal
CONTACT : 9231922848
ARTIST NAME : Deepak Kumar Dewangan
CRAFT NAME : Cane and Bamboo of Chhattisgarh
CONTACT : 91-8889719209, 7692948984, 08839803431
ARTIST NAME : Vijay Kumar Mehra
CRAFT NAME : Cane and Bamboo Craft of Himachal Pradesh
CONTACT : 9816377249
Ceramics have been an integral part of mankind’s socio-cultural history since time immemorial. Various archaeologists in different parts of the world have found ceramics dating back to 25,000 BC. About a century ago, the Ceramic industry came into existence in India, and over a period of time, has matured to form a strong industrial base. Glazed pottery, statues, showpieces, are a few examples under this category.

Glassware and its craft have, for years, been a part of India’s rich historical tradition. The primary use of glass has been in the form of decorations, jewelleries, and accessories. However, over the years, its usage and potential has expanded exponentially. Many handicrafts such as glass bows, vase, mirror work, statues, are made with glass.

ARTIST NAME : Rajan Singh Yadav
CRAFT NAME : Glass Art, Uttar Pradesh
CONTACT : 9837326559
ARTIST NAME : Vanmala Jain
CRAFT NAME : Glazed Ceramic Pottery of Maharashtra
CONTACT : 91-22-65056256, 91-9820519877
The textile industry has flourished in the Indian economy in multiple forms- be it the weaving of fancy sarees or beautiful mats. Even today, many artisans carry forward the family legacy of working in the field of textile in the form of knitting, weaving, crochet, embroidery and so on. Embroidery and Weaving are not only used in cloths but also for creating unique furniture pieces.

ARTIST NAME : Shantanu Bharat Handi
CRAFT NAME : Paithani Saree Weaving Maharashtra
CONTACT : 9226365066
ARTIST NAME : Sudira Devi
CRAFT NAME : Sikki Grass Bihar
CONTACT : 9709809253, 8051877106
ARTIST NAME : Jahangir Bhat
CRAFT NAME : Crewel Embroidery of Kashmir
CONTACT : 91-9419416933, 7006932489
ARTIST NAME : Paresh Patel
CRAFT NAME : Aashavali and other Brocade Weaving of Ahmedabad, Gujrat
CONTACT : 9898704107, 9924042055
ARTIST NAME : Usha J. Pawar
CRAFT NAME : Kasuti Hand Embroidery
CONTACT : 9845078141, 08023366522
Block Printing is one of the oldest forms of printing in existence. The presence of this technique can be traced back to almost 450 years. Block printing essentially means caving out designs on the wooden blocks. These are later used to print designs on fabrics with the help of dye. Dabu and Ajrak are examples of hand block printing practiced in India. This is a labour-intensive process requiring utmost precision and skill on the part of the craftsmen.

Batik is a type of resist block printing wherein the dyes seep through the cracks made in wax, which further resist the dye. Batik prints are widely used on sarees, cloths, garments, accessories, and as forms of decorative art. The entire process of making batik involves 3 stages, namely- waxing, dyeing and dewaxing.

ARTIST NAME : Abshar Husain Khalidi
CRAFT NAME : Block Making in Wood for Hand Printing of UttarPradesh
CONTACT : 91-122-2323655, 2323441, 09837358320
ARTIST NAME : Suraj Narayan Titanwala
CRAFT NAME : Hand Block – Printing of Bagru, Rajasthan
CONTACT : 91-9414204408
ARTIST NAME : Sudhir V. Phadnes
CRAFT NAME : Batik Painting
CONTACT : 9868104106, 9999326673
Paper Mache uses a combination of various paper products and glue to make a variety of products such as masks, showpieces, lampshades, boxes etc. It is an environment friendly handicraft and no harmful chemical/toxic material is used. Despite the appearance, Paper Mache products are extremely strong and the fine details on the products last for years.

ARTIST NAME : Rakesh Vyas
CRAFT NAME : Paper Machie Craft Rajasthan
CONTACT : 9413623838
ARTIST NAME : Syed Maqbool Hussain
CRAFT NAME : Paper Machie, Jammu & Kashmir
CONTACT : 9797125151
ARTIST NAME : Ajaz Ahemad Shah
CRAFT NAME : Papier Mache of Delhi
Stone carvings, also known as Stone Cuttings, are one of the earliest forms of art practiced in India. The imprints of this handicraft can be found in various temple structures, ancient deities’ sculptures, wall carvings, etc. Today, their potential and usage have expanded enormously. Stone carvings in the form of marble structure, utensils, filigree jail work, are just a few examples of the exquisite work done by Indian craftsmen. Not only does this handicraft require immense time and skill, but it also leaves no scope for making errors.

ARTIST NAME : Kalpataru Maharana
CRAFT NAME : Stone Carving, Odisha
CONTACT : 9438135090
ARTIST NAME : Amrit Lal Sirohiya
CRAFT NAME : Gemstone Carving
CONTACT : 9829337548
Similar to stone carvings, wood carvings or wooden handicrafts are also an integral part of India’s heritage. These are not just limited to sculptures and furnishing, but also include a variety of utility and décor products as jewellery boxes, interior décor, decorative wooden walls, filigree jail work, utensils, art pieces, and wooden jewellery. The famous sandal wood carvings of Karnataka, lacquerware of Madhya Pradesh, Khatumband of Kashmir, and wooden toys are a few examples.

ARTIST NAME : Maqbool Khan
CRAFT NAME : Khatumband and Pinjrakari Woodwork of Kashmir
CONTACT : 2428531, 09796593003
ARTIST NAME : Mohan Lal Sharma
CRAFT NAME : Tarkashi Inlay, Rajasthan
CONTACT : 9460384023
ARTIST NAME : Vinod Jangid
CRAFT NAME : Sandalwood Carving of Jaipur, Rajasthan
CONTACT : 91-141-2294712, +91-9413995058
ARTIST NAME : Kamaljit
CRAFT NAME : Plastic Inlay on Wood, Punjab
CONTACT : 91-141-2294712, +91-9413995058
Leatherwork was once limited to tribal communities and village areas; however, it eventually made its way into urban areas. Today, hand-painted leather crafts have become commercial items. Leather art is used to make a variety of products like footwear, bags, garments, and handbags.

ARTIST NAME : Ayub Ali Usta
CRAFT NAME : Gold Nakkashi work on camel leather, Rajasthan
CONTACT : 9413431301
ARTIST NAME : Khande Sreenivasulu
CRAFT NAME : Leather Puppetry
CONTACT : 8897291616
Metal craft in India exudes a blend of flair, craftsmanship, and dependability. Given their versatility and strength, metals are used to create a variety of utility and décor items. Bidriware, Metal Inlays, Dhokra and Kamrupi are some examples of popular metal crafts in the country.

ARTIST NAME : Shah Rasheed Ahmed Quadri
CRAFT NAME : Bidriware, Karnataka
CONTACT : 09880690669, 08482-230129
CRAFT NAME : Metal Inlay on Wood of Jodhpur, Rajasthan
CONTACT : +91-291-2759786, 91-9413320786
ARTIST NAME : Bharat Hemraj
CRAFT NAME : Chandi Tarkashi/Filigree work of Cuttack,Odisha
CONTACT : 9938475852, 9776359195, 9738918083
With the advent of the 21st century, and the increasing focus on modernization and mechanization, many traditional Indian handicrafts have lost their identity due to lack of appropriate marketing support and public demand. This has directly impacted the livelihoods of thousands and thousands Indian artisans. However, these traditional practices define the people, groups, and cultural identity of the country, thus preservation of the same is essential.

ARTIST NAME : Baidyanath Samarath
CRAFT NAME : Cotton and Silk Weaving of Kotpad, Odisha
CONTACT : 91-06860-283504, +91-9937654014
ARTIST NAME : Kamalakar G Chitari
CRAFT NAME : Ganjifa/ Playing Cards of Goa
CONTACT : 7588453854, 9986020168
Ritual art is mainly a lengthy and deliberate form of expression. Although this creative art takes place today, it is inextricably linked to the past and future. Ritual art forms in India are cultural standards that have shaped the country's very conscience. They are often linked to religious ceremonies and mythical narratives. Chau masks are an excellent example of this ritual art form in India.

ARTIST NAME : Dharmendra Sutradhar
CRAFT NAME : Chau Mask Making of Purulia, West Bengal
CONTACT : 9679719388

Disclaimer: All details of the artisans have been uploaded with their consent. NABFOUNDATION does not make any gain/profit by listing out any names/businesses.