We understand the language
of convergence :
Each project we design has convergence at the heart of it. We try and incorporate both technical and financial convergence into each project. Our extensive pan-India outreach, a network of over 6000 NGOs and continued engagement with varied stakeholders like ICAR, State Governments, bilateral and multi-lateral donor agencies allow us to think big and plan projects in which various partners can pitch in with their mandated financial commitments or core skill-sets.
We understand the language
of technology :
Each project of NABFOUNDATION collates relevant data using web-enabled MIS to track real-time progress of each project. The final data travels seamlessly to the website where all the registered users can access information pertaining to their individual projects. The system allows for uploading of audio, video and text files, thus providing a vivid picture about financials and on-ground progress.
We understand the pan-India
possibilities :
With a complete database of the best performing civil society organizations/ NGOs and other development stakeholders (both individuals and organizations), NABFOUNDATION is equipped with the resources and infrastructure to launch pan-India projects at an incredible speed and accuracy.
We understand the language of the
development sector :
Over the last four decades, NABARD has spread its roots into the entire development scape of rural India. This spread has meant engagement with various facets of the rural revolution: financial inclusion; developing micro finance as a tool for financial inclusion and women empowerment; farm technology; rural innovations; skilling in both farm and off farm sectors and building marketing platforms for both, farmers and rural artisans. We bring the essence of that exposure to each project we plan.
We understand the language
of sustainability :
We understand the word “sustainable” in a very organic and personal manner. This sustainability is seen from both the ecology and project life perspectives. Therefore, the projects we design ensure that the solutions address the aspirations of the local communities within the local resource base; utilizing what is available and harnessing these resources without disturbing the ecology. Alongside, a clear exit policy and financial sustainability are at the core of our project planning from the word go.
We can make it bigger and
better by joining hands.
Partner with NABFOUNDATION if you share our vision of an empowered Rural india NABFOUNDATION is envisaged to emerge as a strong and vibrant institution with a strong network of partners.
It imagines a future in which other financial institutions, Government agencies and Corporates are its core partners. It wants to take up a host of unique development projects in rural India, which other agencies are excited to partner.
This will need a lot of convergence of ideas.
  • Inviting individuals :
    Do you have an idea for a potential development project, which you believe needs to be implemented? We are always on the lookout for fresh ideas and your idea could be a viable project in our hands.
  • Calling NGOs :
    Are you a civil society organization with a large scale project in mind and are looking for partnerships? Just approach us with your project. Let us meet and talk about it.
  • CSR units – our natural allies :
    Have an idea whose time you think has come ? You have been working on a project and believe it needs to be broadbased for a higher impact? You have CSR commitments and need to invest in meaningful projects? Just give us a call !
  • If you are with the Government :
    Do you believe that there is a need to revise or revamp the implementation of your Central or State government projects? Allow us to be a part of your vision.